The Basics of SEO in 150 Words

In theory, SEO is actually quite simple to understand. In practice, it is a tedious, long and costly process. But it is a rewarding process. After all it is a multi-billion US$ industry.

So lets get right into it and explain SEO in just a couple of paragraphs!

Google’s “spider” programs “crawl” throughout the web, recording information about every page they find, and use this information to calculate rankings. The first section of information is considered on-page factors. Basically the spiders take note of your website code, structure, content tags, and the content that is (normally) visible to your users. This helps google figure out what your site is all about!

The spiders also collect a second set of information. Called the off-page optimization, this set identifies how a webpage is interlinked to others in the WWW. each link from one page to another is called a “backlink.” Google considers backlinks a sort of vote of trust, from one page to the other. Basically, the more backlinks you have, the stronger your page is perceived, and the higher it will rank in the results.

Backlinks from already authoritative webpages carry more weight than backlinks from lesser known pages.

Aside from using world-class level on-page optimization, Go Digital NY also employs a wide set of white hat link building strategies. We’ve worked with leaders in their industries, and would like to bring strategies that work to help you grow your business.

–Edipo Cravo