Conversion Rate Optimization

If there is one digital marketing technique that is unjustly ignored, it is conversion rate optimization. This strategy can single handedly multiple your revenues in a matter of months!!! I am totally serious when I say that.

So what is conversion optimization? Conversion optimization is basically keeping the goal of a website’s existence in mind when designing it. Then designing the site so that out of X visitors, the highest ratio of them take an action such as buying on the website, filling out a lead form or calling for a quote.

An educated guess is made during the initial design. Then Conversion Rate Optimization takes the form of tests called split tests.

In a split test one would design various versions of a specific page, and then track them to see which one generates more business. A classic example is that a red “submit” button get’s clicked at a higher rate than other colors.

Keeping your goals in mind by implementing CRO strategies from the very beginning and making on-going split tests available to our clients are specialty and unique value adding strategies of Go Digital NJ.

– Edipo Cravo